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The Skyway Bridge Disaster Memorial,  at the rest park on the Pinellas ( north side of the skyway bridge.  Shown with Bill DeYoung author of the book SKYWAY and the person who finally saw to it that a monument was placed there and dedicated on the 35th anniversary. 

The disaster claimed 35 lives on May 9, 1980. and is one of the saddest tragedies ever in Tampa bay History.  Many people think of it every time they travel bridge. 

Welcome To Our Home Page

We have created this site to help you get to know us a little better, and to let you see some of the options available as well as being able to share this with your friends and other family members around the United States through use of the internet. Usually by the time this is being read someone has already spent thousands of dollars on a funeral; the cemetery memorial is forever, and can be seen forever.  It is one final gift that in Florida does not ever have to be purchased from your cemetery, sometimes under duress, and almost always on one of the worst days of your life.   As a wise consumer you are allowed to compare. 

If your cemetery offers monuments for sale Your cemetery can not force you to select a memorial or monument that comes in a package if there has been a death in your family.   You should be able to carefully choose a final memorial without being hurried.  If you are purchasing your cemetery property because of a death the property will be the same cost regardless of what other items you purchase.   You should also receive a contract with full itemization.

We at Cycadia Monument Company are proud to be offering a unique service,  For your convenience we come to you.

You can have a beautiful custom memorial for your loved one at very affordable prices.  We have saved families a tremendous amount of money time after time for over 27 years.

Our Mission
To help families memorialize the grave sites of their loved ones, to provide very personal service, to offer more options, and to save our families a considerable amount of money on bronze and granite memorials.

Cycadia Monument Co. buys direct from the quarries and foundries, the same ones all of the cemeteries use.  We offer the highest quality bronze and granite, and install a superior foundation, with quick delivery.   Our costs and overhead are kept  to a minimum passing the savings along to the families we serve.

Who Can We Serve ?

We serve families in all cemeteries in the Tampa Bay area.

The 1993 change in the Florida statutes allows you to use an outside monument company to furnish your cemetery memorial. The cemetery must accept this as long as it meets their requirements.  The cemetery is responsible for it under their perpetual care program once it is installed. If they should ever damage it with a mower etc. they will take responsibility for it because it is the state law. They also can not refuse care and maintenance. Cycadia Monument Co. will handle everything from designing and ordering to coordinating with your cemetery.  They show us exactly where to place your memorial.  You do not have any futher obligation or extra expense with your cemetery concerning your memorial or monument when you use Cycadia Monument Co.

We may also be able to furnish granite and bronze in most cases to you in your home cemetery out of the Tampa Bay area.

Signs And Other Community Memorials

Cycadia Monument Co. has also provided many community projects in Pinellas and Pasco Counties, and Veterans memorials for the cities of Oldsmar and Tarpon Springs. 

We serve several area churches with their cremation gardens.

We offer bronze plaques for churches, schools, hospitals, Civic Groups as well as granite signs.

We are available to refinish flat bronze cemetery memorials using the manufacturer's recommended method.

Cycadia Monument Co. is ready to give your family a personal, affordable service one family at a time.

" Let our family help your family."    

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